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Preparing Your Home for Sale in Lakeland, FL

     When selling your home, it must be in top showing condition. Minor improvements such as replacing lamp shades and painting each room a clean neutral color will make an age of difference! First impressions are crucial, and we want to show your home to as many potential buyers as possible.

     Keep the lawn cut, pull any weeds and power wash the driveway if needed. Inside, remove any extra furniture which can make a room feel smaller. Clean all windows, inside and out. Eliminate all odors, as potential buyers will notice them. Remove clutter on counters, closet shelves and anywhere else. Put bright light bulbs in every socket, and repair any leaks or loose door knobs.

     When preparing to leave for the day, be sure your home will display to others why you loved it in the first place. Keep laundry and dishes put away, make the beds, take out the trash and run the vacuum. Wipe down the counters, sinks and other surfaces as well.

     During showings, leave your home and bring your pets along if possible. This makes buyers most comfortable, and we want them to take their time and ask questions. These few things may seem small, but can be the difference between for sale and sold. I will assist you with the staging and showing process ensuring that you do sell, and at the price you need.